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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have 3 ways to get a quote, Nr 1 being the quickest method.
  1. Take some basic measurements yourself; click Get Instant Quote and provide the info; submit, and you’ll get an instant estimate.
  2. Send on WhatsApp 065 604 0051 the same basic measurements, as well as all your details and a photo of your space, and we’ll send you a quote.
  3. Call or email us, and we’ll make an appointment to meet you on-site and go through your requirements, take measurements and then send you a quote.
  • We have 2 types of glass that we use for splashbacks
  1. Standard glass (local) – this is the greenish glass that is used in most buildings. When we apply white paint to it, you see a greenish tinge in the finished glass due to the green hue of the actual glass.
  2. Extra White / Opti White glass (imported) – special glass where the impurities have been removed and is a lot less green. This glass allows you to choose any colour, and it will look a lot truer than the green glass. For most light colours, we use this glass to achieve a snow-white finish, as well as any special mix colours. 
  • When we visit your site, we’ll bring along our sample box, which has many colours to choose from. It is best to view this in your space, as the lighting, counter colour and cabinet colours all play a role in your final colour choice. It is best to view it on a site like this.
  • All cabinets and countertops need to be installed prior to us doing the final measurements. Additionally, if the glass splashback is being installed behind the cooker hood (extractor fan), this should have been pre-installed with all fixing points and then removed before we can take final measurements on-site.
  • We require a 70% deposit prior to your order being placed in the factory. We accept EFT / Direct deposits only.
  • From the time we take final measurements, and your deposit has been paid, the lead time is 12 – 15 working days.
  • We will keep you informed closer to the installation day.
  • Our fitters take between 1 – 3 hours on-site to fit the glass splashbacks, and it’s a quiet, clean and tidy process that is not very disruptive at all.
  • Great question? So, here’s the process from start to finish. PS, and that’s if every panel passed the Quality control 1st time and we don’t need to do any recuts or remakes.
  1. Laser measurements are taken on-site.
  2. Measurements are input in a special splashback CAD design program.
  3. Glass panels are cut, then polished, and then any cut-outs are done on a Waterjet cutting machine.
  4. After this, all panels are washed and checked for size and scratches.
  5. Then the glass is toughened to make it 4 times stronger than normal glass, and this makes it safety glass.
  6. Glass is prepared and cleaned again, ready to be back-painted.
  7. The painting, curing, and final cleaning process are done.
  8. Last check, and then we are ready to install
  • We provide a 10-year product warranty for any delimitation, peeling or damage to the back painted coating.
  • No cover for breakage due to an impact or any form of surface damage.
  • Glass is super easy to keep clean & is hygienic.
  • No grout line means, no mould.
  • Heat resistant
  • Quick, no mess installation.
  • Modern look and feel
  • The reflective surfaces of the glass make the space brighter and lighten the kitchen.
  • A smooth flat straight surface with no bumps or raised sections. Glass splashbacks can be installed over existing tiles, but in some cases, the edges will remain exposed and will need to be painted or finished off.
  • Yes, for sure, we measure super accurately, and with a waterjet CNC cutting machine, these points are cut out and finished off.
  • This is a hassle-free process.
  • General day to day cleaning of the glass surface is required. Any window cleaner or soapy water solution with a microfibre cloth will do the trick. Clean the surface with gentle strokes and buff off any residue afterwards.
  • For any stubborn marks that are sticky, use a green scorer pad and lightly rub the mark with soap and water, this should dislodge the mark, and then you can continue with the above method of cleaning.
  • Check that the silicon seals are intact between the countertop and glass so that water does not go in under the glass and affect the back painted surface. Should the silicon come loose, give us a call, we’ll pop out and do a reseal for you