Other UV Bonding Applications & Glass Furniture

Glass as a material is exceptionally universal – with its great strength and amazing visual effect we are able create Furniture, or just do a simple bond that you may have thought not possible
You Imagine it, and we’ll create it.
UV bonding options available – we will always try to assist wherever possible
All glass furniture

Have an idea in mind? Let us know, we’d love to assist you

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Glass furniture and UV bonding applications are designed and manufactured in-house

With our years of experience, we are able to advise which construction type is best for the application its intended for.

Construction could be mechanically fixed (with holes in the glass) or UV bonded (bonding of glass and glass or glass

and stainless steel fixings using ultra violet adhesives)

Safety is always first, so we use Toughened safety glass in most cases.

How it works:

1) If you have an application in mind, email us your details/concept with some sizes.

2) We’ll take a look and discuss/advise what is the best way to achieve your desired outcome

3) We’ll then quote

4) On acceptance, we’ll manufacture to the specification and deliver / install

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