Glass Writing Boards

Glass writing boards and Back painted glass has been around for years, and Cohesion Interiors has a track record of 20 years of installed jobs
Its a timeless product with some amazing features:

– Various Glassboard colours and size options available – take a look at our picture galleries
– Easy to clean, no ghosting / dirty stain marks left behind
– Modern look and feel
– Will last a lifetime
– Backed by a 10 year warranty (for peeling, cracking and bubbling paint)

Got a space and would like a quote, we’d love to assist you

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Glass writing boards create a beautiful space for idea’s, mind maps & communication – Cohesion interiors manufacture high

quality back painted glass writing boards, either in a standard size or custom cut to fit your space, used in many homes

and office applications.

Using EVAkote, our revolutionary product that bonds paint to glass, we create highly attractive glass surfaces in many finishes.

We give you the look that you deserve.

For all our GLASSBOARDS we use 6mm Toughened safety glass as standard or 4mm Toughened magnetic backed glass, and offer

a 10 year warranty on all our back painted glass (for peeling, cracking and bubbling paint).

With 20 years experience in back painting glass, we have confidence in our service and offering.

How it works:

1) Choose a space where you would like to use our GLASSBOARD. IE) Home office – Boardroom

2) Choose a standard size or give us the sizes you need

a) 900mm x 600 / 1200 x 900 / 900 x 900 / 1200 x 1200 / 1500 x 900 / 1500 x 1200 / 2000 x 900 / 2000 x 1200

3) We can price the job for you remotely.

4) Once your space is ready to be measured, our consultants will come and do a site visit if required

6) We will produce your job, arrange a delivery / installation day & time, and then come and deliver/install

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