EVAlam Splashbacks - METAL Finish

METAL and MATT finishes that create a look that’s different from our normal range of glass splashbacks

-Options available – take a look at our picture galleries
– 4mm Metal finish on a composite aluminum panel
– 6mm Matt Fenix laminate finishes on a pvc water resistant core
– Seamless with very few joints, if any
– Colours – Various

Let us know if you have any idea’s, we’d love to assist you

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EVAlam splashbacks were created as an alternative to using glass splashbacks

METAL & MATT options available, that still incorporate many advantages – like very few joints, no grout etc

How it works:

1) Choose a space where you would like to use EVALAM . IE) Kitchen splashbacks

2) Give us the sizes of the area, with an idea of what you looking for. Even a picture of the area will help

3) We can price the job for you remotely.

4) Once your space is ready to be measured, our consultants will come and do a site visit and will come and take final accurate

measurements using our laser & CAD system to precisely make sure we produce a beautifully finished space for you.

6) We will produce your job, arrange an installation day & time, and then come and install

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