Kitchen Splashbacks _ digital prints

With our digitally printed glass process, there are so many possible applications.
You Imagine it, and we’ll create it.
Kitchen splashbacks, Wall art, shower walls, cabinet and wardrobe doors and glass signage, are just a few ideas for applications
Let us know if you have any idea’s, we’d love to assist you

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Digitally printed glass is a lamination process where we fuse the glass & the digital print together, much like laminating

2 pieces of glass together. By using heat and pressure in a huge oven, we can achieve this

Safety is always first, so we use Toughened safety glass in most cases.

How it works:

1) Choose a space where you would like to use digitally printed glass. IE) Kitchen splashback, sliding wardrobe doors, Bar area,

Reception area etc etc

2) Select an image from an image stock library like: www.shutterstock.com (these images are generally high enough resolution

to print in large format. each image has a code, you can give us this code to have a look a the image before purchasing it.

a) Make sure to look at the proportion of the image to the area that you would like to print.

b) If is close to the correct proportions then we will be able to adjust the image accordingly.

Alternatively, if you have a logo or vector designed image has been designed by a graphic designer, that can also work.

3) Give us the sizes of the area, with an idea of what you looking for

4) We can price the job for you remotely.

5) Once your space is ready to be measured, our consultants will come and do a site visit and will come and take final accurate

measurements using our laser & CAD system to precisely make sure we produce a beautifully finished space for you.

6) We will produce your job, arrange an installation day & time, and then come and install

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