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Our glass writing boards create beautiful modern visual communication tools that are ideal for use in countless work spaces. They are suitable for offices and boardrooms in any type of work environment, as well as healthcare, education and leisure establishments – even in the home!

As an up to date company you have no doubt had your interior designer create a stylish elegant boardroom, which has all your clients in awe of your impeccable taste, why ruin that impression by dragging into a meeting one of those old wonky three legged flip chart easel and paper contraptions? Why risk losing the respect of your clients and destroying the effect of your slick presentation because you are fumbling with wobbly easel legs and flapping bits of paper while you should be totally focused on seriously engaging your client?


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When mounted our elegant GLASS writing boards appear to be “floating” on the wall, they seamlessly suit any room. The ultimate bonus that makes interior designers giddy with excitement is the fact that we can colour match our product to completely harmonise with the wall paint colour of your boardroom or training room. Furthermore, with our discreetly concealed fixings all that is visible is the glass surface, creating a beautifully homogenised façade which literally cries out to be decorated with your creative ideas allowing maximum affect to impress the people you need to

Our glass white boards are produced and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. They are unique floating glass dry erase whiteboards.

The boards can be customized with:Glass Writing boards
– company branding
– grids for notice boards
– or as workshop work flow control boards

These glass boards replace the old fashioned whiteboards that get stained over time by coloured marker pens and become grubby from cleaning with unsuitable chemicals.
Our whiteboards are produced using toughened glass therefore they can withstand significant heat if placement in heated conditions is required.
The image or branding on the glass is not painted onto the back of the glass but rather digitally printed onto material then chemically fixed to the rear of the glass. This bonding method is so strong that we happily give a 10 year warranty against peeling, cracking and bubbling of the printed glass surface. We are extremely proud of our workmanship and only the highest quality products leave our factory floor.

When it comes to cleaning the boards, normally just dry erasing with a soft cloth is all that is required, even if someone has erroneously used a permanent marker. There is no ghost shadowing or staining at all, of course the same can’t be said for the dated old whiteboard, never mind the archaic chalk board!

Supplied with quick to hang hidden fixing rails and shipped ready to install, just a couple of holes in the wall are all that is needed to get it set up and ready for use. If you would like the glass board to be magnetic as well, we can easily do that for you too. We have all your writing board needs covered right here so order from us now.

Various uses and applications:

  • Brainstorming ideasGlass-writing-board-magnetic
  • Planners – daily, weekly, monthly
  •  Teaching and training
  • In/Out boards
  • Workshop job schedules
  • Notice boards
  • Children’s drawing boards
  • Grocery/to do list boards for the home
  • Quotes of the day
  • Glass signage boards
  • Reception wall art
  • Ideal for medical facilities as glass writing boards are non absorbent

Benefits and Advantages : 

  • Glass or magnetic glass
  • Easy-to-clean surface – never stains, never ghosts
  • Compatible with any dry/wet-erase pens
  • Made with toughened safety glass – strong & safe
  • Durable – lasting the life of the wall
  • Floating look – clean lines and concealed mounting
  • Customisable with design layouts and branding

The glass white board is a beautiful sophisticated communication tool that fits seamlessly into your workspace or home space.
Below is the list of our standard sizes, available in both standard glass and magnetic glass writing boards:

Glass writing board sizes
Standard Height x Length:
– 300 mm x 600 mm
– 450 mm x 600 mm
– 900 mm x 600 mm
– 900 mm x 900 mm
– 900 mm x 1200 mm
– 900 mm x 1500 mm
– 900 mm x 2100 mm
– 1200 mm x 1200 mm
– 1200 mm x 1500 mm
– 1200 mm x 1800 mm
– 1200 mm x 2100 mm
– 1200 mm x 2400 mm

List of options available for each glass boards:
– Standard colour – white (COH001)
– Standard colour – eggshell (COH003)
– Custom digital print
– Glass magnetic writing board or not
– Custom Size


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