Care and Maintenance Instructions of Splashbacks

How to easily care and maintain your Glass Splashbacks and Writing Boards

  • Due to the nature of glass , being non porous under normal conditions it is ideal for a writing board, and you can generally dry erase the glass whiteboard with soft cloth. After a while of use residue may build up on the glass then you would have to follow the steps to clean more thourgly.


  • Before cleaning wash away any build-up of fatty or greasy deposits using a soft sponge and warm soapy water. Many cleaners will only smear such deposits over the surface of the glass.


  • To clean, use a reputable brand of glass cleaner, following the cleaning instructions on the product. Always use a soft lint free cloth for best results.


  • Alternatively, add a few drops of methylated spirits to a clean, nonabrasive damp cloth then wipe the glass . Buff with a clean lint free cloth for a streak free finish.


  • Moisture, and particularly liquid chemical cleaners, should be kept away from the back and edges of our products. If unavoidable ensure that you dry any residue immediately.


  • Diamond rings should not be worn when cleaning glass. Our glass back splashes and glass whiteboards are made from toughened glass although hard wearing is still susceptible to this manner of scratching.


  • A single edge safety blade can be used with extreme care to remove stubborn spillages from glass. Use at an acute angle to the glass in a single motion. Do not draw back over the glass.

glass whiteboard

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